Slayer und die Causa Hanneman

SLAYER-Gitarrist Jeff Hanneman erholt sich nach wie vor von seiner Erkrankung an nekrotisierender Fasziitis, die er sich 2011 zugezogen hatte. Zurzeit wird er bei Konzerten von Exodus-Klampfer Gary Holt ersetzt. Nun hat Kerry King in einem Interview bekanntgegeben, dass er sich durchaus vorstellen könne, dass Holt Hanneman dauerhaft im SLAYER-Lineup ersetze.

„I don’t have an update. I haven’t seen Jeff in forever. He’s always been a recluse, and he’s even been more of a recluse since he’s not going on tour with us. But our manager talks to him from time to time and sees him in L.A. just randomly. But I’m far from L.A., so I’m not in that loop. But I guess he’s just getting better. It’s just one of those things where he can do anything in life. He could be hanging here having a good time with us.“

„I think Gary is in for the long haul. I haven’t really discussed it with him. But he keeps his schedule free when he knows we’re on tour. And I’m pretty sure, if Jeff all of a sudden came back in June, we would probably pay Gary for freeing up his time. I don’t wanna treat somebody that’s bailed us out for two years badly. But if Gary played with us forever? I’m OK with that. But if Jeff got better and said, ‘Hey, man, I’m ready to play,’ and he came to rehearsal and showed us he was good enough, that’s his show.“

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