Urfaust: Update ist Teufel!

Die Holländer URFAUST haben ein kleines Update zu den Arbeiten an ihrem kommenden Album veröffentlicht, welches ihr hier nachlesen könnt:

„The recordings have been done: with Magic Rituals at the Lytsewâld farm and Intoxicated Rites at the Bunker we summoned some re-excorsism tunes on tape! The only thing that has to be done is make a proper mix out of our intoxicated session with broken equipment! Mister Deportator is doing the best he can under handicapped conditions…
Black Magic Guru Gwydion Sagelinge of Galgeras contributed some lyrical Possession while Tony R & Huub V will show their pencil magic for the artwork of the cd / lp /die-hard versions of this piece of filthy black bile….
Ván Records will put it out, somewhere when summer ends: BLACK METAL WILL NOT BE REBORN: IT WILL MEET IT`S DOOM!“

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