Me And That Man: Single mit Ihsahn

Mit „By The River“ haben ME AND THAT MAN eine weitere Single vom kommenden Album „New Man, New Songs, Same Shit, Vol. 1“ veröffentlicht. Als Gastsänger ist Ihsahn (Emperor) zu hören. Der Longplayer erscheint am 27.03.2020 über Napalm Records.

Nergal über den Song: „When the rumours first emerged of me collaborating with Rob Halford and Ihsahn, the idea sparked imaginations. I guess people would expect a Nergal and Ihsahn partnership to be extreme, but what came out was a bare bones, blues banger! I’ve got to tell you; it wasn’t an easy sell…at first Ihsahn didn’t think there was much he could add – luckily, I knew different and I gave him a simple instruction, ‚have fun‘. A week later I got the track back and I was totally blown away! Considering the status of the man, he is humble and professional to the core. It was my pleasure to work with him and now it’s our pleasure to present to you, „By The River“!“


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01. Run With The Devil (feat. Jørgen Munkeby)
02. Coming Home (feat. Sivert Høyem)
03. Burning Churches (feat. Mat McNerney)
04. By The River (feat. Ihsahn)
05. Męstwo
06. Surrender (feat. Dead Soul / Rob Caggiano)
07. Deep Down South (feat. Johanna Sadonis / Nicke Anderson)
08. Man Of The Cross (feat. Jerome Reuter)
09. You Will Be Mine (feat. Matt Heafy)
10. How Come? (feat. Corey Taylor / Brent Hinds / Rob Caggiano)
11. Confession (feat. Niklas Kvarforth)

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